Sell My Car For Cash California Testimonials

"This company has made it extremely easy to get rid of my vehicle. It was easy from the website to the pick up. The tow company was on time with their payment and even helped out with completing a couple forms. This was a great service with not one negative moment. Thank you."

‌Vanessa D.

"I needed to junk my first after it broke down on me. This company offered me the most and were able to come pick up my car the next morning. They made it very easy and we’re very professional! I definitely recommend them."

‌Destiny T

"They gave me a great price for my junk car. Spoke with Hannah on the phone and she was very kind, informative and flexible with my busy schedule! I highly recommend them!!!"

‌Charlotte W

"Process was quick and pay was good. Constant communication with towing company."


"Great service from beginning to the end. Our appointed customer service personnel was on point and very pleasant."

‌Billy J

"My experience with Sell My Car For Cash was a pleasant one. They were all very professional and were easy to talk to. They came and took my dead car out of the driveway and onto their tow truck and paid me cash right on the spot. Thank you, Sell My Car For Cash."

‌Carrie S

"The whole process took about a week because the car was in a different state than I was. They were very helpful to guide me on the things that I needed to do. Once the title got to my son ( who had the car) things went quickly."

‌Shelly F